Achievements made by the Ekaveera Foundation

Every Monday, Annadhanam to around 300 patients visiting the Primary Health Center, Kuppambadur, Ramachandrapuram mandal, Chittoor District – 517561. We are currently planning to make this on all Hospital working days.


* Providing 2 Body Freezers to the deceased people in and around of our location at free of cost including transportation. Incase of Anadhas, we are performing all the Karma kriyas.


* Supply of Nutritious food suppliments like Chikki, Millet Biscuits, Fruits and Annadhanam to the Pregnant women visiting the Kuppambadur Primary Health center on 9th every month for the regular checkup along with the Devotional Cosmic Energy by doing Prayers with the intention of Normal Delivery.


* Development of Siddheswara swamy temple, Vinakaya Temple, Nagalamma, Gnana Subramanyaswamy temple in Sacred Yogulaparvatham near Appalayagunta, where lot of Yogapurushas are doing penance from time immemorial.


* Celebration and lighting of the largest deepam in India with 360 Liters of Desi Cow Ghee, 500 meters of Wick in 9 feet length Copper Kopparu on the occation of Kartheekadeepam from 2019 onwards in a big way on the sacred Yogulaparvatham.


* Around 3500-5000 devotees participate in our Yogulaparvatha Giripradhakshina program in which the Lords HARI-HARA along with their respective consorts is taken as a procession around the sacred mountain stretching for 12kms from Appalayagunta to Rayalacheruvu lake.


* Establishing the Utla Agastheestwara swamy along with Utla Prakruthivana Devatha near Yagappareddy kandriga forest. Here, Nithya Jalabhishekam happens to the Agastheeswara swamy throughout the year irrespective of rains. This is the sankalpa of the Agastheeswara swamy executed by Pujyasree Prathap Swamy Guruju.


* Annadhanam was done for a continuous period of 15 days during the Novermber, 2021 floods near Rayalacheruvu for about 900 people per day and provided them with Bedsheets and clothing.


* A self-Enlightening village awareness program for the protection of Grama devathas was take-up by our Founder through which lot of villages started doing puja and bajans on weekly auspicious days. Currently, around 10 villages are doing regular pujas to the Gramadevathas in the above specified mandals.


* Surabhi Gosamrakshanashala with 9 Indian Native cows was started on Masasivaratri, 01.01.2022 for the purpose of Lokakalyanam.


* Abhishekam to 3 feet Shivalingam made of Mud with 36 varities of dravyas during the Lingodhbhava time on the mid-night of every Sivarathri is performed by the Swamyji for the protection of the Universe from Adversities caused due to Adharma. This is a rarity in the entire World. This kind of Program is performed only in a few other places at the same time.


* Idols of Gods/Goddesses were provided for local temples. Annadhanam was performed for the wellbeing of the concerned Temple.


* The meals for 3 Police personnel in the Ramachandrapuram Police station Outpost in Rayalacheruvu Katta is served by Ekaveera Seva Foundation for a continuous period of 2 months during and after floods.


* Provided Water Dispenser to Rayalacheruvu MPP School having 150 students with Hot water drinking facility to fight water bound diseases.


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