Who are we?

About Ekaveera Foundation

Every Human being taking birth on this mother earth will not think of his origin. Only a few realizes the cause and purpose of their birth. One such individual gifted with the divinity is Pujyasree Prathap Swamiji. Though the early age went as usual with others not lasting for long, Swamyji left his family home in 2013 at the young age of 22 after completing Engineering in Information Technology.


He travelled Day-n-night in search of his thoughts to find the solution for his all-time reverberating Question “Where he is from”,. After realizing his real purpose of birth at the adobe of Himalayas, in the Dhathatreya discipline, he took sanyasam by denying marriage in the process of leaving all the Earthly pleasures. Under the supervision of Swamyji, Ekaveera Seva Foundation works for the rejuvenation of the Humanity by following the principles of vedhantha and intends that all souls shall reach the Paramatma, the Ultimate GOD of Gods, as our final destiny through Organized way of Cultivating Human Potential.

Our vision

Swamy ji envisions nurturing the participation of the youth in the process of building a peaceful and exemplary nation as India strives to regain its former glory and become a powerful global force as in the ancient Yugas.

Our Mission

The organization’s mission includes:

– Spreading the wisdom of Aadhi Gurus, Maharshis, Siddhas, and Yogis by fostering voluntary involvement rather than enforcing moral codes.

– Rediscovering and preserving the rich traditions and culture of the past.

– Establishing the traditional Gurukula vidya concept of learning.

– Reviving extinct arts and culture essential for the growth of the nation.

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